A Winter Visitor……



Although they are resident to the UK for the whole year they are only a winter visitor to our garden…..always welcome

20th December

(C) David Oakes 2016



5 thoughts on “A Winter Visitor……

  1. It has a very different name here in Norway, and I remember there was once a gang of 50-60 raiding our bushes.
    Must have been back in 2007/8, but since then we haven’t seen a single one. But there have been annual reports
    from the eastern side of the Oslofjord. It is seemingly a very ‘local bird’?

  2. This is a conundrum… we do not call this beautiful little bird a finch. Our name is ‘Puttertje’. Although it looks like a finch. Our goldfinch is copperred… https://www.vogelbescherming.nl/ontdek-vogels/kennis-over-vogels/vogelgids/vogel/?vogel=171 . This site is only for the photos and the European goldfinch is also shown on the left. I would call the bird in your garden a goldfinch because of the colours. No idea why the copper red one is called ‘gold’.. :/

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