The New Reader


I did say that I was not sure about the new Reader layout.

From a Photographers point of view I now recognise that its is next too useless.

I follow this blog that features some great images :-

But take a look at this.  Would this first image, a screen capture from Reader, inspire you to take a closer look….


When this is what you should be inspired by…


On reading some of the comments on WordPress (

it would seem that the only way to get a proper taster is to add 100 characters, then you get a small image and text


I don’t call that progress.

20th December

(C) David Oakes 2016


24 thoughts on “The New Reader

  1. Hi David,

    Agree with you entirely as do many, many other WP photo bloggers. In fact we are encouraging people to voice their concern by commenting on these forums:

    Perhaps you would be kind enough to ask your followers to do the same, if they agree, of course.

    It will be interesting to see if this results in any action by the WordPressgang – But l’m not holding my Breath.



  2. I haven’t been here for a while and I have to say I am surprised by the change. You are right, that’s definitely not a layout for photographers. Lately I’ve been building a squarespace website and blog and I was in doubt wether I want to keep updating or not this blog, but it seems like the decision is easier than I thought. Too bad. I loved this community.

  3. The format encourages you to either post more than three images in the hope that you will get a gallery that shows your images more accurately, add the text as you point out, or change the subject and image composition so that panorama-what’s-the-matter conveys a more accurate display of the image. I have been considering doing a media analysis on my Dark Pines media Literacy blog about this latest blogging vexation o, but not sure it will make much difference.

  4. No you are so right David, I got a right old shock and thought what on earth has WordPress done this time. So I got in touch with them about this awful blunder and mentioned how it is not good for Photographic sites.
    Obviously and as usual they are not interested.

  5. Totally agree David, so much so that I went and lodged a complaint on WordPress, not sure where now 🙂 BUT, I got a reply! Not only a reply but a thoughtful one at that offering some suggestions. I replied to it saying I was in the 7th decade age group and found it difficult when they kept changing things as I’d only just learnt how to use the last one and I’d be unfollowing a few blogs as a result of this change, it’s just too frustrating. She didn’t mention any of the ideas for making our photo blogs appear better as both you and elmediat have done. But I did get a reply not once but twice!

  6. So true! I can’t stand this new Reader and made a comment in a WP forum. Not sure which one, and never got any replies. I noticed that all the writers were thrilled and their comments were very positive. So it seems that writers are WP’s priority…

  7. I am with you David, I was actually one of the first to complain what this “improvement” has done to photography bloggers like ourselves. I also don’t like the excuse that is being used that if you add 100 characters to your post you will get a proper thumbnail view of the photo. Not everyone wants to add words to their photo post and so this is probably the worst improvement I have ever seen. I can only hope that WordPress is listening, as they say they are, and will improve this for us photo bloggers.

    • I made early negative comment, not published. next comment was waiting moderation then vanished (and I thought that I was making positive friendly and helpful comment and feedback) My third comment is published. The more I see of the new layout the more I dislike it….frustrating that the taster image is no reflection in many cases of what the blog/image is likely to be. I even anticipate photographers selection their first image to fit the new profile. Very displeased.

      • Was your vanished comment on the Blog or the Forum. The blog is well known for bias. There have been several complaints about excluded commentary. Censorship is likely to become a raised issue itself after the holidays. 🙂

          • Oh really. Cindy Knoke also suffered an exclusion from the forum. When that was put right, her complaint about exclusion was initially excluded.

            Designsimply claimed it was due to their spam filter (and the dog eat my homework).

            The issue of censorship must be raised but I’m not sure there is much use this side of Xmas.

            In the meantime I could raise it on the forum, as I did with CIndy Knoke (a third party knowing seems to trouble them), or leave it with you. What do you think ? 🙂

          • After the New Year is possibly best… then more bloggers will have had time to log on and see just how poor the new reader really is. WordPress must wake up to the fact that it was called a “Reader” for reason.

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    • May be it was subject to selective editing….my first two comments were never published and the third held for moderation before eventually appearing. And I thought my comments were mild.

      • Your comment was very polite and well written, I’m sure the first two were too. And now, comments are closed, as you noted above. So I can’t add my opinion. Though I’m not sure if I could have managed enough politeness to get published, hahah! 😉 Oh well, life goes on…

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