The Advent Candle nearly gone…..


The time is 23.55 gmt….the Advent Candle is nearly down to its last flickers..

A few more minutes and it will be Christmas Day.  Time to celebrate.

I am mindful that not every one will be in a position to have a wonderful time…..but if like me you are fortunate to be able to enjoy the festivities,  please spare a thought for those who cannot….and help if you are able.

24th December

(C) David Oakes 2016


10 thoughts on “The Advent Candle nearly gone…..

  1. Well said David. May you and your family have a great Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year. Thank you for your images which I enjoy every day, but mostly fail to tick as liked. I promise to do better in future!

    • Depends on your own wishes and what you see as ‘normal’. 😀 These days remind me I am lucky. We were ‘fed’ news yesterday about people getting into debts. The end of the story was to get a buffer. Having been on the dole myself for a long time I know it is impossible to create a buffer (money in the bank) because your income is too low for that. A growing number of people on benefits but also working people are poor these days. I am a pensioner now. I have a wee more now to spend and I could help friends with some extra luxuries they cannot afford. It was returning a favour as they were there when I needed help a few years ago. But a good feeling also.
      Have wonderful days no matter how you fill ‘m. 🙂

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