Cold….But much Brighter



Sunrise on a Cold Morning….Allestree

Yesterday (the 26th) was Boxing Day….and what a change we had to the weather.  Christmas Day may well have been of record breaking high temperatures (15c for us). However the heavy rain and strong gusty winds rather took the edge of it….which ever way you looked at it the weather was rather unseasonable.

Boxing Day is traditionally the day to unwind after the Christmas Festivities…  waking to blue skies and cotton wool clouds was just what the Doctor ordered for getting out and walking off those extra calories we consumed the previous day.  Lots of others were out doing exactly the same, all with big smiles on their faces and not one complaining that the thermometers had plunged to 2c…..some even looking forward to the possibilities of a frosty night.


The Lake looked extra cold…maybe that is why there was not a Duck insight..


27th December

(C) David Oakes 2016


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