Daily Prompt: Pillage

via Daily Prompt: Pillage

I feel very strongly that WordPress has pillaged what was a great bloggers site.  For a hosting site it does little to encourage feedback on its proposed and the enforced changes.  Pillage of the cruellest kind has now been made to the Reader where photographic blogs have images destroyed doing little to encourage any passing blogger to look more deeply.

Many complain but when the critical comments get too frequent they shut down the page.

Here are three links posted since the changes  (and there are many more by many other regular bloggers) please click and read and please WordPress listen and react.




With friends like WordPress who needs enemies.

28th December





5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Pillage

  1. I agree with you completely! It’s a horrible change that destroys artwork of every kind. Well said. They don’t seem to care about what users want, or what they have to say. Well, said.

  2. I agree – WordPress designs things according to the whims of a few, with little to no regard for the needs of the many. It has been that way for a long time, and I know many bloggers who simply gave up blogging or moved elsewhere because of it.
    Many of WordPress’s free themes use a similar approach on featured images. They cut off the tops and bottoms of the photos in post excerpts.

  3. I wish you all good luck in achieving what’s right for your needs. Hope in 2017 things will return to what they should be.

  4. I wasn’t aware until I started sending New Year wishes – you are correct it is like a MS-DOS version of our blogs – this has been happening for a while so I usually link off the main title link which puts me right in to your blog – but you are spot on in highlighting the fact this does not encourage browsing – any way the real reason I dropped by was to wish you and your family a happy New Year when it comes 🙂 Scott

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