A Winters Day …Well not quite !


Cold, Foggy and Frosty…


Has winter really arrived in this little part of middle England?  Well we did have some frost to start the day but it was far from the deep crisp frost we usually have over the winter months.  It is cold,  cold by comparison with earlier December temperatures which have set a number of seasonal record highs.

We started the day at -3c but soon climber to 5c. The sky is clear and the air calm completely windless, early morning mist thickening to a swirling fog which remained all day.


At time the sun managed to slice its way through the fog, magically lifting the autumn colours that are still with us.  These bright spells never lasted long but kept teasing us throughout the day.. instantly coming and just as quickly vanishing..

I guess it is inevitable that we will receive a hard dose of traditional winter weather….when we do it will seem very harsh after what has been a strange year in the weather cycle of events.

29th December

(C) David Oakes 2016