It took its Time……But its here


Foggy December Dawn, Big Wood, Allestree

Another day of frost and fog…..strange that it is only the second consecutive day but it feels much longer. So the question remains has winter arrived now that we have reached the end of December and a year of very unpredictable and unseasonal weather.

Like yesterday the sun did try to break thru the fog, at times it did look as if it might just win, but not for long.  They are forecasting a wet weather front for New Years evening so I guess it will be all change again.


But for today this was as good as it got….


29th December

(C) David Oakes 2016


8 thoughts on “It took its Time……But its here

    • A spot I pass on a near day basis…no matter the weather in any of its extremes it more often than not provides a shot.

      Best wishes for the up coming New Year…..I have a feeling most of us will be glad to say goodbye to 2016. So lets hope our “hopes” for 2017 are fulfilled. 🙂

  1. For me it’s the first one that grabbed me. Mystical woods. I love the depth in the photo. It draws you into the forest and wants you to explore further. Crakling noises of dead leaves and twigs under your feet. Silence of the Quiet Time in Nature with the occasional robin producing not just his song but als an echo of it. Standing still and you could envisage yourself being all alone. Sometimes that is a real treat. Thanks, David.
    I wish to everybody here a wonderful New Years Eve tomorrow, hopefully not as much fireworks as we will be getting again and for 2017: HEALTH, happiness, hospitality and warmth from other human beings with a big heart.

  2. Happy New Year David and that last shot is stunning, it caught my eye on the silly new blog roll and I had to see it all.

  3. I fully embrace your wish for adding a fervent wish for peace in the new year. And will add my diverging preference–your second image is the one that draws me in. Keep up the beautiful work, David.

    • I do wonder if we ever will see Peace. Thank you comments……I think one thing becomes clear when you are blogging, and that is each of us share much in common but also have our own individual preferences….and that is what to me is the rewarding aspect of it all. Best wishes for 2017 and thanks again 🙂

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