The Sun is Still up there…..


Early Morning in Big Wood Allestree…

It was a very welcome surprise to find that the sun is still up there!…after a week of rain and fog it was also a relief.  The sun may well be low but was catching the tops of the tall pines refreshing their green needles.

But was I fooling myself could I really  detect early signs of spring growth starting to swell on the Silver Birch….  No, I am sure it is there already…


The blue skies above the woods, contrasted with the woodland floor, which still shines with the golden colours of Autumn


2016 has been a very odd year for both weather and maintaining anything like a seasonal cyclical pattern…..and could 2017 be starting in the same vein.

Dropping down to the Lake,  that drop in height,  created a drop in temperature, the waters were still and at the shady side ice was starting to form.  Maybe sometime soon we are going to get some proper frost, ice and maybe a flurry of snow…then we can say that winter has arrived….



Whilst we perhaps are not too overjoyed about the possible disruption that heavy snows can bring it would seem strange to say the least if we were to skip winter and head straight to spring…..we will just have to wait and see.

2nd January

(C) David Oakes 2017


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  1. Morning! Lovely sunshine there, David. We had some yesterday and it started again today but it’s getting overcast and we expect lots of wind and rain coming. But yes… in our park I detected small buds on shrubs and also on some trees, like the willow. The promise of spring is there!

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