The Wild Ivy Wood….

doi_1460_00002-bbDark in the Ivy Woods..

With the leaves now off our woodland trees our woods are open and bright, even on a dull day, the light reaching parts that for a short while will enjoy whatever warmth the winter sun can muster.

But there is one area that is still dark and a little mysterious. It is where the trees have been dying and are now covered in thick Ivy…once fully covered there is no way back, they will soon fall and crumble completing life’s cycle.

Down by the Lake….


There is a ripple across the surface, and I guess without that the Lake will have been frozen. Bankside trees look stark in the low morning sun and the Geese are staying close together.  Bleak is the best way of describing this mornings view….yet we still haven’t had winter.

5th January

(C) David Oakes 2017



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