You cannot see the Wood for the Trees….


A lot of Trees…that is why its called Big Wood.

Winter sunshine casts its spotlight over parts of Big Wood, like this hollow, that spend most of the year in deep shadow. We have a saying “that you cannot see the wood for the trees” ….. meaning at times you find it hard to spot the obvious.  It is this time of the year that we actually get an opportunity to see clearly thru the woods. For most of the year the leaves cast a dark, almost impenetrable blanket. At least today we can see both the woods and the trees!


Overnight temperatures dropped to minus 6c, temperatures we have not been familiar with this so called  winter, so no surprise the Lake was frozen. Even this Mallard Drake sat uncomfortably just above the ice level…


Freezing temperatures have never lasted this winter, the ground retains some heat so as soon as the sun rises above the tree line it is warm enough to start the days thaw….


Short days, low sunshine and cold weather are not my favourite climate conditions….but I do have to admit to enjoying that distinctive winter glow that lights up the Birch and the Pines…

One thing is for sure….. it might be cold but the sun is much more welcome than the rain forecast for the weekend.

6th January

(C) David Oakes 2017


13 thoughts on “You cannot see the Wood for the Trees….

  1. Hi dear David, there is a beautiful blue in your photographs, fascinated me. The snow is not there yet, ? By the way I have sent an invitation to you because I changed my blog to private, I am not sure have you see it or not, you know, I would like to see you in my blog, Please, let me know. Thank you,have a nice day, Love, nia

        • It’s a wood to me though. Rough and wild wood. Telemark eh? A ‘fylke’ ? Are you going skying there? Yes, I did look it up. I know this name…. from this: Kirk Douglas in The Heroes of Telemark (1965) 😀

          • Hi Lydia, –
            Yes, Telemark is a ‘fylke’ or like you would probably say: ‘ a county’, and you’re qquite right: The city of Rjukan is a part of ‘Telemark’ as well. If you are curious about Rjukan, please insert ‘Rjukan’ in the little window underneath our top frame and hit the ‘Enter’-button. Then you will be presented with all photo-reports from the Rjukan area.

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