Same Again…..Another Misty Morning


Skeletons in the Mist……

The lace like tentacles of the veteran Oak seem to be clawing at the morning mist.

Another day, though there have been very few, of wintery weather…..I guess it is the unseasonal warm temperatures sucking out the moisture from the ground that is creating these mists, helped of course by the total lack of any breeze.

8th January

(C) David Oakes 2017


15 thoughts on “Same Again…..Another Misty Morning

  1. I found some morning fog blankets on the fields this morning. After a extremely slippery day yesterday with icing on all roads we know that more than 500 road accidents occurred because of that. Bad enough. But this morning was a present. I love thos misty blankets kind of hovering just above the ground. 🙂

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