Moody Monday…….


Wet and Bedraggled….

We came across this rather wet and bedraggled Terrier very patiently waiting its owners. It was late afternoon and they had all been enjoying a winter walk…..but the poor little chappie, sat staring into the warm café,  having to wait outside whilst his owners fortified themselves with a warm drink….I hope they had a reward for his patience.

9th January

(C) David Oakes 2017


10 thoughts on “Moody Monday…….

    • Some premises hide behind the Health and Hygiene laws….but that is an excuse as it is left to the owner of the premises to decide their own dog policy. We find it hard to understand when some places allow the dog full access to join you for a meal and others just say no. As for behaviour….well there are many badly behave people and so far we have not found a badly behaved dogs. For many the possibility of a difficult situation arising forces them to take the least line of resistance

      In the summer, if there is an outside seating area we opt for that (the dogs seem more comfortable outside) but last year we were asked to move off a large outdoor area as dogs were considered unhygienic BUT we could go round the corner where a small smoking area was located…..littered with fag ends, no tables and just a few chairs that were well weathered and uncared-for. As we where protesting to the manager who was asking us to move the waitress arrived with a tray loaded with our food and drink….we walked ( I guess the food bill would have come to £25plus so just glad it wasn’t a pay on order establishment….so their loss)

  1. Oh, I love it that you stood on your dignity and walked just as the food arrived 🙂 Well done. If they didn’t tell you before you ordered they shouldn’t expect you to move. Very patient terrier, no knot in the lead to hold him there! My dog would have been following unless tied down tightly!

    • I completely agree with you. And would try to find another place where my dog would be welcome. Or, if that’s not possible, just don’t get in there at all. Extra pet for Carla and Buster.

    • It was just the way the timing went that the food arrives as we were ‘discussing’ the issue with the manager. We would have walked away in any case but it did the sole good to know that they lost out with a wasted tray of food.

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