The Scent of Spring…..


French Blue Hyacinth

It may well be just a simple Hyacinth but with its distinctive sweet perfume it is for us a sure sign that Spring is on the way …..even if as yet we have not yet had our winter.

12th January

(C) David Oakes 2017


5 thoughts on “The Scent of Spring…..

  1. I have 3 whites ones coming out just now. We have a system with pot colour. A golden pot means top quality. I was given a pot by friends and these three white ones are just popping out but sofar no smell yet. But yesterday I did see the alder catkins hanging off the branches. The first like every year, but this is too early. We are getting a very cold spel next week. Frost so people can skate again. A madness, typical for my country:,schaatsen/Interesting
    In 2012 closeby where I live this happened. Wonderful fun for all that wanted to go ice skating or just watch it with a hor chocolate in the hand. 🙂

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