First Snow of the Winter….


Dawn in Big Wood, Allestree

After a week of dire weather warnings that we would have serious whiteouts on Thursday and Friday, we awoke this Friday to our first snow of the winter.  If this is the worst we are going to get this winter then I best apologies for calling it snow…..I have honestly seen more Icing Sugar dusted on a Victoria Sponge than this. It did though provide a great contrast to the gold brown of the dry bracken.

True there are some places across England that have had a little more snow than us but even so we have experienced much worse in winters past.  Scotland of course is a different scenario….the Highlands have had heavy snow falls (proper snow) at regular intervals over this winter.

Within minutes of taking these images the warmth from even this low winter the sun managed to return the woods to a scene we have enjoyed since autumn


Perhaps there is worse to come but not this weekend, temperatures are supposed to climb to 6 to 11c and for January that must be near record breaking.

 14th January

(C) David Oakes 2017


8 thoughts on “First Snow of the Winter….

  1. I smiled at your comment about seeing more icing on a cake! It was a bit of a meagre sprinkling, wasn’t it?!
    I think forecasters predict the worse since Michael Fish 🙂

    • You are possibly right…..the Fish Effect! I also feel that we have so much news in and on the media, 24 hour news channels, hourly, half hourly and at peak times quarterly up dates that HAVE to include a weather update that the forecasters have to make something newsy out of their slot.

  2. We are on the opposite end of the scale here, David. Record low temps of 12° F (-11° C) and though the predictions were right we would have snow — up to 4 inches (10 + cm) — we ended up with almost 12 inches (30 cm) and it has stayed since it arrived Wednesday night!

    • We were in a suntrap out of the wind….but ambient temperature was 5 c…admittedly on the plus side of the scale 😊

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