In Training ……


Early Morning on the River Derwent, Derby

The snow, what little there was,  has all gone and a bright sunny morning was just what the Rowing Club ordered for their winter training routine. Water levels normal and no breeze helped speed them along the water.

I think most of us heaved a sigh of relief that the dire warnings of  wintery weather did not live up to those predictions….even the high winds had caused no damage to the woodlands.  Just a calm day, warm for January and still plenty of colour…


It was though much too early for any takers of the riverside bench…


and it will be a few months yet before the Cricket Field is back in action…


All in all….not a bad winters day for mid January

14th January

(C) David Oakes 2017


4 thoughts on “In Training ……

  1. If I am right you are having temperatures between 6 and 10 degrees. Right on the edge of the High Pressure area. Overhere some sunshine and pretty cold with little wind. But the edge is moving towards where I live. It could be rainy, foggy and ‘warm’ here as well from tomorrow. Hope not though. Hope for a good winterweek with frost during the night, some sunshine during the day and not much wind. Past weeks were ‘warm’ and mostly grey. 🙂

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