Moody Monday……


Moody Blue for a Moody Monday

A very wet Sunday did produce the odd break in the cloud to reassure us that there still is some blue sky up above us……sadly those breaks did not make Sunday a ‘Sun Day’.

Monday starts of moody and will probably remain so for the rest of the day.

I still think that our seasons are out of kilter. Each year the start of the traditional season seems to head back by a 2 or 3 weeks. Summer was late again,  Autumn didn’t really start till mid November and current weather is more like that of December…wet, cold, miserable with the odd day of frost or snow to warn us winter is on the way.  Maybe it is, winter that is…. so far we have yet to see what passes for winter in our part of the world.

16th January

(C) David Oakes 2017


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  1. ‘Reaching for the Sky!’ is the best name I think. For this beautiful photo. Or: The Sky is the limit. Or just think one day ahead: Tuesday Afternoon:


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