Same Again……


Murky Mornings…..

Well the weather has not improved….it remains gloomy, damp, misty, cold and miserable.  On the cold note, we are told the temperatures in our part of the country are above normal – it doesn’t feel that way.  As for the gloom, again the experts tell us it will last all week and over the coming weekend….joy of joys!

19th January

(C) David Oakes 2017


10 thoughts on “Same Again……

  1. You’re right – it does feel colder than they have said. I don’t think wind chill is taken into account. I like the colour palette here – the lovely Winter greys and browns.

    • This week we cannot blame it on the wind chill as there is little or no breeze let alone wind….that I guess is why we have so much mist and fog about and no change in the weather since Monday and none to come till next week sometime! Pretty miserable all round in this nothing climate. 🙂

  2. I know. We are split in half here. The North is getting clouds and temperatures just above zero and the South had sunshine, a bit o’wind and beautiful days with minus 4 at night en plus 3 during the day. The line moves slowly down and then goes up again. Forecast though is clouds, dank and cold days… so you are fully allowed to gloat. 😀

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