Just a Thought……


Lea Rhododendron Gardens, Derbyshire

 Just a thought…Spring cannot be far away – can it?

After a week of rather dark dire days and the forecast of a few more to come before any change in our weather patten it is  not surprising that one starts to wish for an early spring and all those fresh colours.

Just a thought…or maybe more a hope!

20th January

(c) David Oakes 2017


5 thoughts on “Just a Thought……

  1. Ha ha your aye ahead of yourself David- maybe im cocky cause its been quiet decent once the wind departed- sunny all day light winds and an easy run out to Gardenstown maybe even troop head – it was even glorious in Wick this week 😎

    • Now Scott….there is no need to be smug! Just wait till the weather in the far north reverts back to form. But yes, I have been looking longingly at the weather charts for the Moray and North East Coast and have been more than a touch envious. 🙂

  2. I feel your pain David. Cloud, grey, mist, drizzle for five long days – gorgeous day today tho? Well it was here, almost spring like even. Lovely photo too.

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