The Ups….. but mainly Downs of our Weather


As Good as it Got….Big Wood, Allestree

Saturday the weather had returned to its dull, damp, cold, grey and misty mood.  Sunday that mist was much thicker and even colder.  It was quite a disappointment after Friday….Friday full of sunshine blue skies and a light mist that flirted with us (see the blog if you missed it  It was a day when everyone had a broad smile on their faces and cheerful greeting to exchange.

There was a very brief few moments of hope on Sunday morning when the mist lifted and we enjoyed a brief break in the clouds….it may well have revealed a splash of blue but the break was never long enough to allow the sun to  cut through, warm the day and clear the mist.

Instead the mist started to form again wafting through the old Ivy Wood….


Temperatures plummeted, by the time we had reached the Lake, Ice was forming and it was not yet midday!


Fickle was one description of our climate….may be that is so.

23rd January

(C) David Oakes – Images