Fog……OK it lifted just a Tad

the-fog-liftedMidday at Allestree Lake

We still have swirling fog to dampen our January days.  It did lift just a little at midday but soon descended again.

What does give me some concern is that the fogs we have been ‘enjoying’ this year, seem darker and dirties….much more reminiscent of the days of industrial pollution and prior to smokeless zones. There is a yellowish ting and a taste that leaves a metallic taste in the mouth.

doi_1630_00001bbThe forecast is for more of the same tomorrow……no comment!

24th January

(C) David Oakes 2017


11 thoughts on “Fog……OK it lifted just a Tad

  1. We have been skating for a few days. Mostly on ice rings made on 400 m track circles for runners or on a frozen piece of meadow. We have had about 4 days of beautiful sunshine. Cold but blue skies and sun. Your fog’s lifting and ouors came rolling in. Spectacular to see that happen but we were enclosed quickly in this cold and nasty grey wet fog. There is hope it will maybe clear again tomorrow late afternoon. I will stay at home. This weather is so not good for my osteo arthritis… 😉

  2. Fog is damp and uncomfortable but the images you have created are beautiful! and not so easy to capture—the glassy water, the dark nets of branches, the opening in the clouds….

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