Hope at last……


Ash tree’s emerge from the receding Fog……

Into all our lives here in our part of the world came a few shafts of light.  The forecasters tells us that the current blanket of fog will soon be just a memory.

But earlier in the day you could have been fooled into thinking they were spinning a tale, indeed it was still cold damp and foggy…

Gradually, very gradually, the fog thinned to a mist and slowly the sky that has been so well hidden for days started to emerge….

doi_1657_00028bbThe lake remained frozen, if anything the ice getting thicker most likely as the clearer sky allowed the heat to escape.  But that sun certainly lifted  the spirits…

…..and YES, the real blue sky is still there.


Allestree Lake

25th January

(C) David Oakes 2017


15 thoughts on “Hope at last……

  1. You lot are very funny, you are. 😀 But maybe this will help your spirit a bit… next to the fact that the days are lengthening, this feast may help you think: SPRING!
    Although it can be very cold in February and March, the extra daylight will help on the warmer days that will suddenly show more alders in bloom and the odd snowdrop or even a daffodil. You cannot stop Spring anymore. It’s coming! 😀

  2. Beautiful images David
    There was not much peeping through the fog here yesterday, nor today! But recent days aside, it has been a fantastic January for sunlight and frost

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