Flippant Friday…..The Saga continues


Another Left Hander ?

For those who have followed my blog you will know that there is a great mystery surrounding gloves…we keep finding them along the trail  This last winter was mild so number of finds dropped, but once the temperatures dropped in late December we have again started to find more lost gloves .

OK so folk drop gloves…..but you will recall we stumbled upon the odd fact that of those gloves dropped Adult Gloves were in the majority  and ALL adult gloves were left handed. Children were much more careful but those that we did find were right handed.  I should add that some very small children’s gloves are hard to identify as left or right, but most are clearly right handers.

As the cold weather has arrived over the past month I guess it isn’t surprising that lost gloves are again a regular part of any walk…..this is the tally so far this year…

There must be a few cold hands about!

27th January

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10 thoughts on “Flippant Friday…..The Saga continues

  1. And not just restricted to Derbyshire. 🙂
    Since David started with the gloves I started to look around me. There always ‘lost’ gloves somewhere and taking a better look it’s even more intriguing. Left hand gloves for adults and right hand ones for kids. What IS this?? At least it’s a mystery. Even this morning I found two adult gloves. Both left handed and yesterday, right in front of our entrance door a small mitt. Thumb indicated a right hand one. It’s thread broke. This mitt was connected to its other half with a thread of wool. This had broken. I knew the owner and picked it up to bring it by. A bubbly Eritrean girl of 4 years old in different pinks opened the door and was over the moon with her candyfloss pink mitt. She and her parents are here for 2 years now. They speak fluently Dutch already. This little character is bubbly and happy and very friendly. A lovely little girl in bright pink on a little pink bicycle. That’s how I see her most of the time.:)

    The Gloves SAGA continues…. 😀

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