Much the same again…..


A Misty Sunday Morning…

Branches like claws grasping the mist

Rather despairing of our weather forecasters…..Sunday was supposed to be bright for most of the day before rain later – which would also be the bench mark for next week. So full of anticipation we were ready to head out and make the most of the promised sunshine.

Sadly the day just got darker with early mist turning into fog.

Despite that rather depressive atmosphere the woods did as always provide an invigorating walk….and even a bit of colour to the day..


Last years Beech leaves hanging on for just as long as they can, all wet from the swirling mist that blends seamlessly with the bare trunks of the Silver Birch.

But for the most part it is just a ghostly grey changing silhouettes and deception of distance.


And now it is raining…at least that part of their prediction has come to pass. Sometimes I think they could get rid of their computer models and purchase a new Pine Cone or a piece of Seaweed….couldn’t be any less accurate.


29th January

(C) David Oakes 2017


8 thoughts on “Much the same again…..

    • Hi Rainee….I have always thought that the light thru mists and fog act like filters and add some hints of colour. But this winter I feel that we have had much more pollution in those fogs (you can feel and taste it) but that pollution actually gives a little more colour to the mist filtered light. Not good but I suppose a little bonus from the bad 🙂

      • I know what you mean. All fog overhere is tainted with pollution of the ultra fine dust and the stench of exhausts from cars and lorry’s. The only beautiful thing of fog is what you show above. Mistyc woods, some radiant colours as by surprise and just around some corner a majestic tree looking like some ancient monster without the leaves. Looking further you see the beauty of the naked trees. These creatures are truly magnificent. And you showed it again. Thanks!

        • Pollution has rather crept up on us after years of improvement it is this winter as bad as it was back in the 60s 😡

  1. We have similar weather here. Promises, promises – that all ended up in mist and rain. And cold…you managed to get lovely shots anyway – thank you for cheering us up!

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