The End of a Dark Damp Month…..


Just another Foggy start to a January Day….

A month that has seen us fluctuate between morning mists and thick fog…fog that has been getting increasingly polluted…a pollution you can taste.

It has also been consistently damp, yet it has also been the driest January on record.

So we live in hope that February will see a change…..mind you we have to be careful for what we wish for as the Forecasters predicted high winds and Gales with heavy rain….but looking on the bright side there will be above average temperatures

As always we will see…..Goodbye January.

31st January

(C) David Oakes 2017


6 thoughts on “The End of a Dark Damp Month…..

    • They have difficulty at times with short time forecasts so long range ??? The jet stream has just changed and could change again. We wait to see 😊

  1. Feb.1: cold wind and a soft rain. Will be 10 degrees tomorrow and Friday and then back to 8. Not much sun. As long as it stays dry I can walk pretty good. But humid weather isn’t good voor arthritis. 😉

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