A Deep Depression….


Shipley Woods, Mapperley, Derbyshire

Friday….and I guess we have, so far, come out of the storms rather well.  At this moment in time we are in the centre of a deep low pressure area….to the West there is heavy rain and winds, to the East there are Gales.

This morning the winds have subsided, the rains vanished and as an extra treat we have some muted sunshine. Tramping the woods is certainly lifting the spirits after all the dark days of this last week, the leaves from the Beech trees are surprisingly dry crunchy, a true golden carpet more akin to autumn than spring.


As an added bonus in one shady area of the woods we discovered our first wild Snowdrops of the season….these first shoots may be rather weak but it is a start..


It is probably wise not to brag to much as the storms are on the move and rain and winds are due this evening.

4th February

(C) David Oakes 2017


3 thoughts on “A Deep Depression….

  1. I love the orange on the forest floor combined with the green and the blue above. With a bit of effort I can hear the footsteps and the occasional robin and the soft shuffling noises of animals on the forest floor. Wonderful photos again.

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