It was far too soon to Brag……


Fog and Frost return to Derbyshire

The end of last week brought some spring like weather which very fortunately lasted over the weekend…temperatures actually reached 12c in our part of the UK,  I am told in others even high February temperatures were achieved…..

So to wake this morning to -2c, frost and thick fog was to bring us snap bang back to reality… as my mum used to say one should never brag as it would often turn and bite you back.


It is the beginning of February so I guess we shouldn’t even think about complaining…but as we are British we just ‘have to’ moan about the weather.


The latest forecast brings mixed news.  The Fog will lift, temperatures will rise but very heavy rains will follow and by the next weekend temperatures will be well below freezing….they even mentioned snow!

7th February

(C) David Oakes 2017


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