Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Shadows


Castlerigg Stone Circle, Nr. Keswick in Cumbria

Castlerigg is a megalithic stone circle constructed around 3000bc.  By all accounts Castlerigg was strategically located here, like many other stone circles, to capture the rays and angle of the sun…..the position of the sun and the resulting shadows providing key indicators to the change of seasons and timing of what we now know as the  equinox and solstice…..in other words an ancient time clock.

Because of the importance of the seasons and weather it is also assumed that most of these stone circles were also places of worship and gatherings.

My idea for this weeks DP Photo Challenge. Follow the link for more suggestions:-


I would also add that the sudden change of day for the Weekly Challenge caught me and I guess others by surprise.

11th February

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