In Recent Years Gone Bye….


Snow at Shipley Woods, Derbyshire

Two years ago to the day there was snow, not that we had a great deal in 2015, but some and much, much more than this year. The sun going down at the end of the day was rather enchanting.


Crocus in Our Garden, Derbyshire

Last year, 2016, in February we had Crocus brightening our days. As you can guess it was another mild winter.

This year 2017, whilst it has been a mild winter (warmest January on record), no real frosts and only a dusting of snow, there is only damp brown soil ….not even a tiny shoot of Crocus.

In fact this weeks Snowdrops were the only encouraging sign of seasonal normality.


12th February

(C) David Oakes 2017


8 thoughts on “In Recent Years Gone Bye….

  1. Over here I can see in places out of the wind and in the sun shoots of daffodils, snowdrops and crocusses. No flowers sofar. But the signs are clear: Spring is near.

  2. Patience David. We have a beautiful sunny day today but just do not go out as the wind is bitterly cold. My friend calls it a lazy wind. Too lazy to go around you and therefore goes right through you. But it is coming… Spring is coming. Even the weather forecast on Country file said so… 😀

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