Feathered Visitors on a Moody Monday…


The diminutive Gold Crest 


A bold Nuthatch

Not regular visitors to our garden but very welcome in these darker days of winter.

13th February

(C) David Oakes 2017



4 thoughts on “Feathered Visitors on a Moody Monday…

  1. Something i had done very little of and there is plenty opportunity around here- the last time I took shot of a Nuthatch was 1993 in Minnesota- I love the Nuthatch- ironically I am judging in Dingwall tonight a stronghold of nature photographers – in fact nature is a such a strong category nowadays that birds on sticks (get detision poured) the nature has to be doing something mad really

    • Well I am no wildlife photographer….I don’t have the patience. The bird has to present itself and if I just happen to be there and reasonably ready – snap. Wildlife Photography does seem to be on the up and some great work. I am also intrigued by the current hype around ‘natural’ images with both flash and any form of setup being decried. On Facebook some of my Wildlife Photographer friends get very agitated to the point of hyper-boil on the matter. Judging….good luck, take a tin hat and flack jacket 🙂

  2. These birds happend to be there and the photos are stunning for a non photagrapher. thanks for the colour, David. 🙂

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