A Red Rose…. for Valentines Day


Love is Like a Red, Red Rose

Love be True…this Valentines Day

Just thought I would dig out a Valentine Card from my collection of Raphael Tuck Cards. Most in the collection are Victorian but this is just a little younger.  Circa 1910 the style of the card is a single ‘postcard style’.  Whilst Tucks was a London Publishers this card was probably printed in Germany which at that time were still known as pioneers of colour printing.

Whilst this example is over printed in gold ink with a suitably romantic verse others were printed with other more ‘open’ friendship greetings.

Tradition has it that the Valentine greeting (or token) should be given anonymously……so pretend you don’t know who this years Valentine greeting is from.

14th February

(C) David Oakes collection of Cards

(C) David Oakes  2017


7 thoughts on “A Red Rose…. for Valentines Day

    • In truth the story is much earlier than that with love tokens being exchanged as far back as the early Greeks. They were always given in early February as spring showed signs of arrival. It is suggested by some historians that the custom actually goes back to pagan times and like other things the church tried to put an end to and fail they resorted to ‘adopting’ the custom by naming it after a Saint. 🙂

  1. Hah! I wouldn’t be surprised at all. After all, a lot of great festivities are from Pagan origin. Although the name Pagan isn’t quite correct. People with a different religion would be better, I believe. At this moment modern Pagans celebrate 8 feasts a year. Four of them became christian feasts: Samhain (pronounce as sowin) which has to do with remembering, or better: commemorating the dead relatives and that became All Saints and All Souls; then Yule which became christmas, Imbolc which became Candlemass (Mary) and then Ostara or Eostre which became Easter.

    It is great to learn that Valentines Day does come from the very deep past. Wonderdul it is still being celebrated more or less. Thank you.

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