Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Against All Odds.


Failure…High on the Moors

A couple of centuries ago workmen carved everyday farm items from stone boulders found naturally on the open moors of Derbyshire.  In all weather, in an unlikely workplace, with just hammer, chisel, brute force and skill they shaped the rock to fit the size of the boulder. Here they have the outer shape hewn into shape and work had started on cutting out the inner to form a water trough. Bit by bit the stone would be chipped away…..just how many hours of work it must have taken to get to this stage I do not know.

But disaster struck….what you cannot see is a fine hairline crack down the side.  Fine as the crack maybe it meant that as a water trough it was a failure.  Abandoned and a mystery and talking point for many walkers enjoying a peaceful walk over moors that were once an ‘open air’ industrial workshop

So there we have it….a failure, and no doubt many a day work gone with out pay…. but Against all Odds there must be thousands of these troughs across farmyard across the country.

Just my take on this weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge.  See what others have suggested on this link:-https://ceenphotography.com/2017/02/15/daily-post-weekly-photo-challenge-against-the-odds/

16th February

(C) David Oakes 2017


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    • It was a very busy location in those days….principle activity was carving our round mill grinding stones. All by hand

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