A touch of Spring…..


Pink Hyacinth….

I mentioned yesterday that the advance forecast was for unpredictable weather amongst other things.  Well temperatures in our part of the UK reached 15c (elsewhere 18c had been recorded) …..record highs for February.  There was also the odd splash of sunshine but for the most part it was dark and in the afternoon damp turning to rain.

At least the few spring flowers that are blooming added some cheer to the day and perhaps providing a little cheer that Spring is just around the corner.

21st February    David Oakes

(C) 2017


9 thoughts on “A touch of Spring…..

  1. I had three blue ones in a pot for in the livingroom. They have gone by now but stood here for just over 3 weeks. Amazing that your hyacinth is blooming so beautiful in the garden already. Must be in a sheltered spot. What a fab bloom!

    • The beauty of garden is that you can usually find a sheltered spot….but that is helped by a milder winter than usual. Though another temperature change is due this week. I always plant the indoor bulbs outside once they have died back, not all survive but some do and last for many years

      • Good idea. Although the balcony is right now not the best place with the beginnings of a severe gale. It will blow the pot away. 🙂

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