Into the unknown….


Morning, Allestree Lake

Wednesday morning was full of cheer…the sun shone and the sky was a watery blue.  Temperatures had dropped overnight and there was a breeze rippling the water.

The weather forecast had been full of doom and gloom so this was a surprise and bonus start.  Best make the most of it as “Storm Doris” was heading our way.  So with fleece zipped up we headed off to make the most of the morning.

The low sun cast long shadows but it was weak in strength and colours muted.  Snowdrops caught the best of the cold morning light defiant against the increasing breeze…..amongst them the wild Daffodils shoots were starting to show themselves.


Yep, the forecasters were very diligently painting a fearful picture of what was to come later in the day a weather shift that would take us into a stormy Thursday. It was  mid afternoon before you noticed a change in the mood, wind increasing and skies having a dark edge creeping up from the horizon.

By late afternoon the sky now moody was even darker


So at the end of the day we would close the windows, draw the curtains, turn up the heating a notch or two and wait and see if Storm Doris would be as grim as predicted.

22nd February                                   David Oakes

(C) David Oakes 2017


3 thoughts on “Into the unknown….

  1. I heard this storm warning, be in safe dear David. The header image is amazing, fascinated me. And also they, the Daffodils how beautiful… I hope and wish storm not to damage. Thank you, Love, nia

  2. Very good idea to stay close by home or even at home. I am. The first ‘scouts’ of Doris arrived this morning, Now we seem to get more into a dryer spell but these are just the ouverture. Doris comes with Force 9 to 10 and gusts of 100-130 kilometers an hour. It makes you feel very insignificant when you see what such wild nature can do. We already heard of damage in the UK. Right now this is the situation of noon our time. 11 o’clock your time.
    It’s called a weatherbomb by now. I hope all those lovely trees will still stand there tomorrow. I must admit I am a wee worried ’bout this one.

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