After Doris – A Very Different Day….


A Early Morning Transatlantic Jet….

Bright blue sky, sunshine and fluffy white clouds scurrying across the horizon.  Very different for the terrible dark day that Doris gave us yesterday. In theory we were in the eye of the storms path….so heading off to the woods there was some trepidation as to what damage we might find.   But a minor miracle occurred as we only had one tree (by the lake) snapped.  Perhaps it was not the strongest of specimens but none the less one less….


We have to hold our hands up and say we were lucky, many places did not do as well.  The worst we had was two short power outs.

So this morning both in the woods and by the lake all seems well…

24th February                                                     David Oakes

(C) David Oakes 2017


5 thoughts on “After Doris – A Very Different Day….

  1. Funny David, how so many of us can shoot the same things nearly at the same time.
    Just a few days ago I laid on the ground and photographed several jet contrails with blue sky and white clouds!
    Makes for interesting images to study and recall. It is a Small World After All.

    • Very true….after yesterdays weather bomb it was just a startling contrast and with flights back in the air it just seemed obvious.

  2. Much hysteria about not very much. If that happened in the Hebrides you wouldn’t hear a damn thing about it, and you are familiar with Scotland, so this is not some case of pathetic sour grapes. Ooh, a storm, of sorts may hit middle England, let’s all mess our pants! Sorry, it was barely even weather! Nice photos as always David, but…

    • Some folk did suffer badly…..but I do agree a good deal of shouting about something that fizzled out. I don’t have that much faith in the weather forecasters as you well know and tend to think that since naming storms in the UK the hype has got worse….then they dramatize it even more by using words like a weather bomb. As for Scotland we have had gales of 80-90mph in mid July….moved our caravan into shelter behind farm buildings for shelter.

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