A New Month….A bright start…..But!


A Cold Light this Morning….but still very welcome.

A new month…..March seems to have arrived rather quickly.  It also started well. After all the dark, wet, windy and frankly dismal days, today started with blue skies and a bright but watery sun. The meteorologists always keen to lets us know that it is the start of their Spring…..those of us who do know better recognise that the astrological Spring is still a little way off.

The sun did do its very best to add colour to the woods but the rains have rather knocked the life out of the vegetation that had managed to survive the winter.  It was though fresh and rather invigorating to be out and about, so peaceful that the call of spring was clearly in the birds songs.

The but and its a BIG BUT is that those meteorologists that were bragging about the arrival of Spring , were also full of foreboding and gloom.  More low pressure and heavy rains with strong winds are due again….much sooner than we would like.

Big Sigh!

2nd March                                            David Oakes

(C) David Oakes 2017


5 thoughts on “A New Month….A bright start…..But!

    • I guess as a photographer I would have enjoyed just a few days of snow (with blue skies and sunshine of course). It might even be preferable for a short time to damp, dark miserable days. But from what I hear you haven’t had as much snow as would be normal for your ‘extreme’ part of the world 🙂

      • No, this year things have been a bit ‘out of order’. Received 3 feet of snow early November in our part of the country. Too early and way too much! Fortunately it was all gone within 3 weeks. Since then there has been next to nothing, and now the spring is rising above the horizon – I hope.

  1. It’s blowing again overhere. And rainy as well. That means GREY and pretty dull. Seeing your top photo… am I right that you were there in the late morning hours? Sunshine at that moment from the South West? I see the moss on the tree and the shadows and yes… I once was a girl scout. Mosses grow on the weatherside of trees. The wettest side that is.
    We did have some snow and it does make great photos. However, with ostea arthritis I am glad that’s gone now. Spotted my very first daisy yesterday. 🙂

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