Made a Pleasant Change……


Morning and sun over Allestree Lake…

At last……What a great start to Saturday, sunshine and wispy clouds in a blue sky. Not what was forecast and probably not here to last for long.

Yesterday everything just dripped with rain and walking in the woods whilst sheltering you from the worst of the rain was just a plod.  This morning it was a different world…




Enjoyable weather whilst it lasted… could be fooled into thinking that spring was on the way….. but by mid afternoon it had reverted to type.

But as my mother used to say….Be very grateful for what you have. 

4th March                   David Oakes

(C) David Oakes 2017


2 thoughts on “Made a Pleasant Change……

  1. Variety is pleasant to be sure. We have had an unusually warm winter…waiting for the big winter storm to hit, but it may not. As always, great photographs and information.

  2. There used to be (more or less) 3 Spring storms and 3 Autumn storms to mark the change of the season for good. But with Global warming that has changed. It’s even possible that the “North Atlantic Gluf Stream, or North Atlantic Drift” will change course or worse, dive under before it should be. It would mean a land climate for us all.

    Your mother was a wise woman! “Be very grateful for what you have. ” She is right. 😀

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