Just a Bit more like Spring…..


My Favourite Bent Beech Trees…..

They stretch up to claw at the blue sky, bent and twisted and not like the traditional Beech of the woods.  When originally planted they were to be a hedge, layered, bent and entwined as they grew…well that was the plan, but long ago changes to the management of these woods  left this stand of Beech to go there own way.

Despite the neglect they still seem more than able to manage the storms of late better than many others. In todays wind the tops of these Beech wafted too and fro in disdain to any wind bourn threat…almost a dance of joy.

Not every tree in the woods escaped damage but overall those gales seemed to have swept the woodland floor clean flattening the remains of last years leaves…

Woodland Daffodils are starting to bloom….


Sunny as it is the wind is still cold and down by the lake it looks even colder than it feels…


The outlook is unsettled, or so we are told, and I guess it is Spring today and back to winter tomorrow…we will see.

6th March                                                         David Oakes

(C) David Oakes 2017


4 thoughts on “Just a Bit more like Spring…..

  1. I remember, one year it snowed during April, in here. Who knows what March will be…. But Spring is soon. I can see how amazing this woodland. Fascinating all these trees… and yes Daffodils too… Thank you dear David, have a nice and enjoyable day, Love, nia

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