It really could be Spring…….


Dawn….could it be Spring ?

Dawn arrived bright and sunny with long shadows and a sharp breeze.  But there was a glow of promise in the new morning.  Bold clusters of Crocus were now a bold fringe to  the edge of the woods adding to the days colourful start…



Daffodils graced the river bank giving a colourful frame to solid frame of Darley Mills (part of the Derwent valley World Heritage Site)…


Both the Weeping Willow and Blackthorn also made their own spring statements to the riverside ….

All of this is in contrast to the more shady areas around our lake, where despite the best efforts of this mornings sun it still has a hint of winter…maybe even autumnal shades.


A morning of bright contrasts….but I do now have that feeling that we are going to miss out on winter weather and move straight on into spring.

9th March                            David Oakes

(C) David Oakes 2017


16 thoughts on “It really could be Spring…….

  1. Spring is my favorite time, loved all photographs. In here, the weather changed, raining…. Thank you dear David, by the way I added your photograph to my side bar. Love, nia

  2. Planning, planning, planning…. a short week in April to Hunmanby. Putting money aside as it’s expensive enough. All in all about 400 Euros. Approx. 350 Pound. But at 93 she cannot travel anymore. So I will go to her.

  3. I think the spring has arrived, David. It’s 6,8degrees pluss, bright sun and the birds are singing from the tree tops!
    A different atmosphere all togethner!

      • I have noticed! And there is a notable difference between i.e. New York and Oslo allthough both cities are located on the 60 deg North meridian. I guess the Golf stream plays a part – as it probably also does when it comes to Ireland and the Western coast of the UK.. . .?

        • As we are not such a big island the gulf stream whilst very noticeably helping the west coast, does help us overall. Been another day (Sunday) of 12c here but frost forecast for tonight. We are also pleased as the forecasters got it wrong again….they said it would rain we have had lovely blue skies and sunshine….so may be we will not get the frost. 🙂

          • It’s no secret that the weather forcasters claim the ‘Weather Forecsts’ are NOT an exact sience! As if we didn’t know?! But given all the modern facilities they’ve got, I expect a somewhat better result than 50%. (I can do that!)
            But I’ll admit it has improved over the years. Today I might even trust them to deliver 100% with a few deviations.
            Weather radars are very usefull!

          • Well, using weather radar they seem to succeed rather well? At least in a 24 hr span? It may be sunny but a prediction of rain in 5 hours, and – it does seem to happen with a margin of less than 30 minutes.
            But if the lows are relatively small – and local – they might miss us entirely whilst the sun keep shining.
            The larger ones, however, tend to be dead on target.

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