Slowly…back to nature


Every so slowly…Rotting Away on the Beach

High above normal tide level and left to rot. Sea Holly and Bind Weed already at home within the hull.  I guess this once cared for vessel had provided a good income for one of the local in-shore Fishermen of whom few now exists.

I know nothing is ever permanent but somehow it always seems such a loss when its an old boat.

Location: Ravenglass, Cumbrian Coast

10th March                     David Oakes

(C) David Oakes 2017


5 thoughts on “Slowly…back to nature

  1. A beautiful image, very painterly, great composition. I’m also attracted to the photographic possibilities of old boats, but they are always tinged with sadness.

    • I know exactly what you mean…..maybe it is because Fishermen and Sailors have a great deal of real affection for their boat however big or small…..even attaching a female gender to them. So maybe it that real feeling of a lose of a life.

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