A Welcome Shelter in the Dale….


In Dove Dale, Derbyshire/ Staffordshire Border

In the shelter of the Limestone Cliffs, on the banks of the River Dove, can be found this ancient Barn.  Probably like many old barns in the area it provided some shelter for a few sheep and cattle ,with food storage on the ground floor level, whilst the Shepherd or Cowman slept above.

Today it has been renovated and now provides a welcome shelter for walkers on the many trails in the area with somewhere to pause.  It is also a local information post.

14th March                                                    David Oakes

(C) David Oakes 2017


2 thoughts on “A Welcome Shelter in the Dale….

  1. Ah… I could see myself on the bench outside in the sunshine having me tea (that I did bring myself of course). While listening to the chorusses of all the birds and the sheep maybe too. Baaahhh!! 😀

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