Could this be Spring….?


Silver Birch, Stanton Moor, Derbyshire

Wednesday March 15th, half way thru the third month of the year and do you know we are beginning to think that Spring is here (well if not here its on its way).  Bright low sunshine which at last was actually giving off some warmth.  So with only a thin fleece it was nice to get off onto the moors for a leg stretch with Buster.


We didn’t get an early start but I was surprised to find that we were very much on our own…..not that we are complaining as it is a great feeling to be above everything, just the call of the Buzzard and nothing else to disturb the tranquillity of the morning.


A haze lingered on the horizon but for once not a breath of a breeze. 

The  Silver Birch around the Nine Ladies Stone Circle are only just starting to show hints of the new seasons growth but it will not be long now till new leaves are casting a deep shadow over the heather…

Not even the famous Cork Stone had and visitors to scramble to the top


Nor were there any young maidens waiting below…the local legend is that Young men would climb to the top and then jump off declaring their undying love for the girl of their dreams….if he didn’t break his leg, or worse, the maiden would accept his hand in marriage….I guess if he broken anything she just walked away !  Well that is the story.

15th March                               David Oakes

(C) David Oakes 2017


4 thoughts on “Could this be Spring….?

  1. It’s spring. And I have the balcony doors wide open. The last day of Spring for now. Then it’s back to rain and wind. 😉

  2. The Silver Birch around the Nine Ladies is a wonderful photograph. My impression is of an air of expectancy, and I’m sure that must be that Spring is on its way! Here in Northern Ireland at about 54oN we are experiencing a day of light rain; it’s a shame the sunshine of a few days ago hasn’t lasted. I always imagine that nature sort of splutters into life in the early Spring days!

    • Your right…Spring is always unpredictable, it teases and then eventually surprises us all. As to the Nine Ladies, they may not be Stonehenge but do have lots of character of their own….but for me they are at there most evocative when the weather is rather not that brilliant. Rain here this afternoon (I think it is a present from NI ! 🙂 )

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