Weather Contrasts…..


Daffodils in the Rain…..

After a stormy weekend, Monday started along the same wet weather road.  But by early afternoon the rain eased and things looked a little more promising. So with a rather impatient Buster who demanded his walkies, it was on with the Gore-Tex and off for some fresh air.

The Daffodils were getting rather battered by the rain which seemed to be having a final flourish for the afternoon but once in the woods proper you soon found reminders of just how bad the weekend had been……yep our own mini rainforest….

DSC_7147 That early promise did materialise all be it at the end of the afternoon.  The clouds cleared and the low late sun lifted the spirits…


 It really is amazing just how a little sunshine can work such minor miracles….all of a sudden the lake starts to come to life.  The hazel trees along the bank catch the last of the rays and glow orange/brown….


The forward forecast isn’t looking promising but I guess if we can get the occasional break it will not be too bad.  As we head for the end of the month we are reminded of that old country rhyme ” March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb “

Well we have had the Lions roar in terms of high winds and storms so perhaps things are going to look up.

21st March

(c) David Oakes 2017


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  1. Lots of rain here at the Pacific coast too. Bought some boots called “Sloggers” to get from dry land through the dunes to the beach at they worked great! My beagle, Jello was not happy to have to wade in water deep enough to hit the tips of her ears!

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