Moody and Grey…so it continues


Morecambe Bay from Fleetwood, Lancashire

From the highs of last weeks weather we have had a series of days where the sky is dark grey, rain heavy and at times the wind is storm strength….it has also gone much colder.

So  a quick look in the archive found a suitable image to match the current mood of our weather.  Morecambe Bay can be bright and sunny and is often idyllic…..but then again it can be rather wild. Even then the view across the bay is one of the best in the UK…. even when far from ideal conditions prevail.

The good news is that once we get Friday underway the weather shifts southward and we start to draw in a period of High Pressure, sunshine and fair weather…..well that is what we are told….I guess it is best to wait and see.

23rd March

(C) David Oakes 2017


2 thoughts on “Moody and Grey…so it continues

  1. Every time I hear this name I think of a book I once read about the quakers. George Fox crossed this bay on horseback and at an hour that it was said to be dangerous because of incoming tide. He ended up in prison near Morecambe Bay, I believe. Must find the book and read it again… 🙂
    This photo could be made on that day. It’s timeless. Wonderful.

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