We didn’t forget….to Spring forward


Allestree Lake …Early on the 1st Day of British Summer Time

We did remember to move our clocks on by an hour (thankfully technology does that automatically now in many aspects of our life) but it is the inner sole that has to adjust.

8am GMT suddenly becomes 9am BST. and thankfully it is another bright Spring morning….whilst the sun is up and about it still has a very cold look to it and in reality a cold feel to the start of what for me is the real start of Spring.

No doubt over the next few weeks I will be impatient with Springs progress, the woodland floor will soon become a carpet of blue anxious to bloom before the leaves cast their shadows over the forest floor, and gradually other wild flowers will start to show. But it will as always be slow…then as if someone throws a magic switch a multitude of flowers  will explode into view along hedges, across meadows and of course our gardens.

There is a rhyme that rather sums the situation up and it goes like this “ April Showers will bring forth May Flowers“.    Then once that happens we will declare that summer is here.

26th March

(C) David Oakes 2017