Sunday …..So Off to Church


Stand in Awe

The Nave, Tewkesbury Abbey

Now lets give this magnificent structure its full ‘Sunday Name’…… it is The Abbey Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Tewkesbury.   Founded in the 12th century, but like many of our old religious buildings it is on a site of worship dating back to the 6th century.

Of course it has been repaired and restored regularly since then, after all if you had been standing for nearly 10 centuries, you to would have need of some care and attention!

I have mentioned before that my visits to Church, Abbey or Cathedral is not driven by any religious need or desire.  None the less here in Tewkesbury Abbey you can but stand in awe of  the Architecture…..  its sheer size and drama is stunning  but also of the skill, craftsmanship and vision of those who created and toiled to create a structure still to be much admired today.

Indeed it is more noticeable, here than in many of the other major historic religious buildings I have visited, that it has an immediate visual impact as you enter.

Visitors just stand in awe, taking in all that is above, often appearing rooted to the spot. Once totally satisfied they then explore all else that the Abbey has to offer.

30th April

(c) David Oakes 2017




Landscape of Contrasts Dark and Overgrown……to Lush and Bright




The green vegetation has gone spring mad, casting dark shadows over just about everything, only allowing slivers of sunshine thru…..perhaps mysterious is an apt phrase.

Nothing mysterious once we head into the woods. ….


Springs Fresh Canopy….

The early morning sun has a chance here to break thru the fresh spring leaves of the woodlands canopy not only is it some much brighter the temperature has shifted upwards by more than a few degrees.

The last of the Bluebells are making the most of the light, soon the glades will all be dark and they no more…


DSC_7312_00007-bbbxx - Copy

Down by the lake all is calm and the spring sunshine is creating what we hope will be a day full of promise…..

DSC_7337_00031bb - Copy

29th April

(C) David Oakes 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge – Wanderlust

via Photo Challenge: Wanderlust


Godafoss Falls, Iceland

Iceland was long on my Bucket List and eventually we made it happen.  Nor were we disappointed…far from it, a place to go back to.

Waterfalls, such as those at  Godafoss above, are high on the tourist trail and certainly magnificent to see and experience…. but despite all their glory it was another side of Iceland I will always remember.

The dramatic coast line of mountains, reaching up from the very shore line , capped with snow and perpetually touching the clouds….

The other surprise was that during the summer months the vegetation is so lush, varied and rich.Hesteyri, Iceland

Well that is our contribution to this Weeks Photo Challenge of Wanderlust

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28th April

(C) David Oakes 2017