At the End of a Perfect Spring Weekend…..


A Very Welcome Beer….

It has been a busy but fun weekend, very much helped by blue skies and warm sunshine, we even reached 22c today on the patio.

Yesterday we had some very informal Birthday celebrations, family dropping in as and when, lots of tea and coffee, donuts and birthday cake, fun and laughter and memories shared….. a hectic day.

Today it has been equally as busy only this was time spent trying to sort out the garden after the ravages of the winter……hard graft!  The downside is that you finish the day knowing that you have only scratched the surface and much more time and effort will be needed….and quickly before we are overtaking by summer.

The upside is that we can now relax and collapse on a recliner for a while, basking in the evening sunshine…..and enjoying a flowery brew of Beer. That’s the life!

9th April

(C) David Oakes 2017


Heavenly Light…..Simple and Complex


Marienkirche, Rostock, Germany

Majestically tall glass windows at Marienkirche (St Marys) dwarf the congregation.  Plain as the windows are they still  let a heavenly light……maybe at one time in the history of Marienkirche they were coloured windows (see bottom of the right window).

A large contrast to the window in this small Church at Ilam in Derbyshire….


Church of the Holy Cross, Ilam, Derbyshire

The story of the Birth of Christ told in coloured glass and casting a different heavenly light.

9th April

(C) David Oakes 2017