Heavenly Light…..Simple and Complex


Marienkirche, Rostock, Germany

Majestically tall glass windows at Marienkirche (St Marys) dwarf the congregation.  Plain as the windows are they still  let a heavenly light……maybe at one time in the history of Marienkirche they were coloured windows (see bottom of the right window).

A large contrast to the window in this small Church at Ilam in Derbyshire….


Church of the Holy Cross, Ilam, Derbyshire

The story of the Birth of Christ told in coloured glass and casting a different heavenly light.

9th April

(C) David Oakes 2017


4 thoughts on “Heavenly Light…..Simple and Complex

  1. Churches, although I only visit them as a tourist, doe have this je ne sais quoi feeling. There is a quietness and peacefulnes in them. I love your new photo of the The Peak District on top also very much.

    • The pic at the top is ‘pot luck’ as it is a random choice made by the computer and changes thru the day .
      I am not religious but there is a feeling that permeates even a hard skin like mine when in many of the older religious buildings 🙂

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