The Leaves have it!


Pieris Forest Flame

Red is certainly the colour of these leaves of our Pieris Shrub, glistening in this mornings dew…and boy at this time of the year it lives up to its name of Forest Flame.

Short lived glory, as soon those red leaves will turn to the familiar green until new ones form later in the year, ready for next years spring repeat.



Now is also the best time to enjoy the new spring colour of the Sycamore Tree.  Each leaf is deep veined and a mix of greens from subtle to brash with russet red markings in parts.

Despite its natural beauty I still find it so irritating that some Conservationist still want to eliminated this tree from our woodlands.  None native they say….but so are so many others.  They don’t support other live….well that has bee disproven.  To me they are just part of a shared woodland….. a part of our habitat.



Give them their other name of Christmas Roses, very appropriate for this winter flowering plant.  So it is a surprise that as we near Easter they are still in full bloom and showing no signs of giving up providing a display of delicate flowers just yet….It certainly has been a great spring for Hellebores.

11th April

(C) David Oakes 2017


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