Sunny …but very cold


A Morning of Long Shadows..

It is sunny…. but feels oh! so cold.  After several days of record high seasonal temperatures that reached 24c, the sun is now failing to compete with cold northerly winds and we are now ‘enjoying’ temperatures of 11c at best.

However we are told worse weather is to come.  Rather predictable as Easter Holidays now loom upon us. From tomorrow 4 days of Public (Bank) Holidays… just when so many could do with the freedom that warm weather gives us it looks like rain, cold and windy.

So I for one am making the most of today.

13th April

(C) David Oakes 2017


8 thoughts on “Sunny …but very cold

    • It is all part of the Master Plan. A plan designed to make those folk who have to work 5 days every week not to feel to bad when they have to return to work after a 4 day Bank Holiday break. But that is something you will soon not be bothered about if I understand you are retiring soon 🙂

      • Yes, I have 2 more working days left 😊 to be honest it is redundancy but i am quite happy to be going. I have no plans to get another job at 62…And i should be able to manage quite well 😊

        • If you can get by don’t even think about another job. Life is more than work. It is lso a fact that the folk I know who are working are the easiest to contact and get hold off…the ones retired , well their diaries are just so full of activities that they are a near impossibility to link up with. Enjoy 🙂

          • Good advice David. I plan on doing a bit of travelling, and to concentrate more on my photos. I have an offer to provide the photos for two books and I am planning an exhibition. Life is definitely more than the 9 to 5 😊

  1. Oh my… a Master Plan? That sounds rather KGB like. Bit frightening. 😀
    I did enjoy the warm days. Sat in the sun rather long feeling his warmth get through my skin and wamr my body. I know, as I did get sunburned… 😀

  2. I know. Staying cold all of next week too. It’s pay-back for the warm days that were too early. I know of people who turned the Central heating back on. I will try not to.

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