A Bitter Sweet Aroma…….


Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic must be the wild flower success of the past few years.  The latin name is Allium ursinum, also know as Ransoms and by many other old country names such as Bears Garlic and Wood Garlic amongst others.

It has spread prolifically in those parts of the woodlands that it loves.  You cannot miss it. At first you become aware of its presence by its distinctive Garlic aroma and then once you catch sight of the distinctive broad green foliage and white star like flowers, you cannot be mistaken.

For years it has been a culinary wild herb secret.  But all of a sudden Wild Garlic has become fashionable with top Chefs…..and what they find trendy soon spreads to others. The fact that anyone can forage for it themselves is both an attraction and pit fall. The pit fall is that in some locations, once discovered and if gatherers have easy access, areas of Wild Garlic are being stripped and trampled in the process.

Those interested in giving it a culinary whirl you can find many suggested recipes, just Google or Bing “Wild Garlic”.  For Pasta lovers can I suggest you try making a Wild Garlic Pesto from one of the many variations published recipes.

21st April

(C) David Oakes 2017